Oriental medicine and biomedicine have the same goal: improved health of the patient. To that end, however, we use different language. Biomedicine seeks to cure disease, Oriental medicine seeks to heal the person. On the surface, this might seem to be a mere matter of semantics, but the core beliefs show that these two approaches and language are indeed markedly different. To cure requires absolute elimination of an escalating disease process, typically achieved by the use of a medicine or a surgical intervention. To heal reflects a therapeutic goal of dialog with the patient, energetically and physically supporting the patient at being as strong and healthy as possible.

In current practice, we use the term Oriental medicine to respect the contributions of the full breadth of Asian and Oriental cultures. This includes what is often described as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), classical Chinese medicine, five-element Chinese medicine, Korean hand acupuncture, Korean constitutional therapy, Japanese jin shin do, kanpo, hara diagnoses, hara diagnoses, shiatsu and tuina. These treatment styles use the modalities of acupuncture, moxabustion, cupping, gua sha, acupressure and herbal formulae as treatments.

The best paradigm of medical care requires a practitioner of sound moral ground being willing to coordinate the best possible patient care. In this age, any person with access to care can have the best of all worlds. Asian medicine evaluates and diagnoses pathology in cases that are subclinical in biomedicine. Biomedicine precision diagnostics for progressing disease is unparalleled. For example, let's look at a sudden injury or trauma. If you are hit by a bus, you should immediately go to the Emergency Room. Once your injuries have been assessed and addressed, you can use additional treatment such as Oriental medicine to support expedited healing.

At Turning Point Acupuncture, we are thrilled to provide excellent care informed by extensive experience and the best training available in our field. Our practice adheres to the highest standards of excellence that have characterized it since its inception, more then twenty years ago. Strengthening and rebalancing the body's underlying energetic forces to achieve harmony and a sense of well-being in today's difficult world is one of our primary goals. The practitioners at Turning Point regularly tailor individual health maintenance programs to support those efforts.